Dog Defunctities

Dog Defunctities

Puppy Training to Stop Barking and Unwanted Dog Defunctities

Dog Defunctities : Are you sick and tired of your chihuahua behaving like a puppy? Are you confused as to what to do toStop a Dog Barkingand other unwanted behaviours? You are not alone. Many people are fed up leaving their dogs in the back garden when they go on holiday or at work. The neighbours are oftenast peeved.

Before you dismiss this as an isolated incident you should address the reasons behind your chihuahua’s behaviour. What has started a minor problem can escalate into a much bigger one if you are not proactive.

A dog that barks and whines day and night is a constant nuisance andan absolute nightmare for everyone. These barking problems range from the mild and harmless to the more serious and difficult to control.

Why Do Dogs Bark and Whine? sqld일정

Dog’s bark and whine from the moment they are born. It is there that they learn their first lessons from their mother. Dog’s learn best through repetition. If you let a dog Disabled, for example, to get attention all he wants is to hear the cry of the thinner, less noticeable member of the litter. When he barks and whine it is an attention grabber for him. This is how he learns that to became calling his name and with rewards he learns that this is the way to get attention.

As soon as you take you dogs outside to go to the toilet, most dogs disabled cry and bark. They want to come inside with their toys and they are barks at the door. They want someone to play with them and are disappointed when they get none. This is not good for him. When you play and get all fussy with him as he tries to get out of your grip he learns that the way to get out is by beingussy. By beingussy, that is, being a fuss-free connoisseur of your smell, he learns that as soon as he inhales the air he is coming back to the pack, the pack being you. As the pack- sees him being fussy, they learn to indulge him as much as possible so he learns that pampering themselves is a good idea.Nuh-uh, this is what you have been doing all the time without knowing!

obeying the leader, you!Another thing you need to work on is that you are the prevailing force in the relationship. Alpha throws tantrums, wets himself and is always in a state of fits, throwing temper tantrums. The dog on the other hand, is quiet, submissive and cuddly. Alpha is in control. This is the right way to behave. Not the alpha barking like a fool, demanding attention, guzzling the entire time, yelping and whining when his needs are not met. This is not the way a dog should behave.

Tip 2:

Know what makes your dog go nuts! It is the thing that makes him want to rip your arm off! For example, some dogs know that when they go upstairs their bowl of food or favourite toy catches their attention. They might be slight and you may not mind them scratching at the door, but they keep on going up the stairs again and again and again. The snapped toy, the ripped sock, the lost toy – all of these things can cause a dog to behave in an entirely different manner.

Tip 3:

Sometimes we unknowingly help create the scenario that makes a dog behave in an inappropriate manner. One of the dilemmas facing a dog owner is, “Do I reward bad or reinforce bad behaviour?” Well, when your dog is jumping up on visitors, do you ever turn around and pat him on the head or say, “Good boy!” While, the dog’s owner may say, “Good boy”, they may be encouraging him to jump up. By doing so, they are unknowingly telling the dog, “Good boy get over it”. In other words, acknowledge the bad behaviour even while you are trying to remedy the situation.

Tip 4:

If your dog is digging and you’ve just replenished your garden, actually spending more time outside could be the easy part. What many people don’t realise is that if they apply strategies that are harmless to the dog, but equal to the situation they will see their dog performing a positive, desirable behaviour that is incompatible with their state of mind. Take for an example, a dog is allowed to jump up on the sofa every now and then. Now, if you have a condition restraining your dog from jumping up then, you are doing two things: For example, you are saying to the dog, you can’t jump on the sofa (state of mind) but you are doing nothing to stop him from doing it. So what does he do?

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